Rakkii Ramen

Rakkii Ramen

If you know of anything more comforting than a big bowl of noodles in flavorful broth with a hodgepodge of various tasty accouterments laid daintily on top, let me know. If you and I are of the same mind and you’re looking for such a meal in the Lehigh Valley, high-tail yourself over to Rakkii Ramen for some of the tastiest noodles you may ever encounter.

I am no great connoisseur of ramen. I’m not even a good one. I’ve only eaten at three different ramen restaurants in my life. Apart from my own attempts at making ramen, my experiences are relatively slim. However, I can only give an opinion on something inasmuch that I have certain feelings about it, and I feel that Rakkii Ramen delivers well what it advertises.

It’s tucked away in what seems like a basement near Lehigh University’s main campus. If you’re allergic to college students (as many are), or even college-centric locales, then Rakkii Ramen may not be up your alley. Ramen itself attracts a more collegiate crowd in the U.S. (from what I’ve seen), so this place is no different. Overlooking that, attending this place will result in a very tasty meal. The ramen broth had lots of flavor and was an ample portion. The steamed buns practically caught me off guard with their moist, fluffy goodness surrounding a medley of wonderful insides. The accompanying sauce I could not identify, but enjoyed greatly.

One of the most surprising introductions was in regards to their housemade lychee rose tea. The steamed buns surprised me, but this tea nearly shocked me. Its sweetness builds with the unique flavor of the lychee, never getting too sweet, and recedes into a mellow rose tea flavor. Absolutely refreshing.

I won’t come away without a couple criticisms. Although the tastiest ramen, it’s also the saltiest I’ve ever had. This is from someone who has had plenty of Maruchan and Oodles of Noodles. Ramen, at this point, area, and country; is a novelty in the United States. For a noodle soup, it may seem a bit pricey. However, Rakkii Ramen’s prices are roughly standard. Within its genre, it commits no great crimes.

So, all minor issues aside and considering what matters most, I hope you find yourself in front of a bowl of noodles from Rakkii Ramen soon, with all the comfort and flavor that they provide.

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