About Appanthracite

About Appanthracite

Coal Keeps the Lights on, Route 54 in Schuylkill County
“Coal Keeps the Lights on” conveyor belt over Route 54 in Schuylkill County, PA

Appanthracite started as an excuse to post a flood of nature photos to Instagram. It’s turned into an excuse to exercise my desire to explore, map, and collect. Explore, map, and collect what, exactly? My main focus is where I was born, raised, and live: Pennsylvania. Growing up in the rust belt and anthracite region of Eastern Pennsylvania programmed my head and heart for trees, hills, and lakes. It also holds a space for the vestiges of a dangerous industry that powered the nation in its post-war world.

Much of what I document and photograph is a way to learn or understand the world around me. Besides keeping the content focused on Pennsylvania, I don’t have many rules! I tend to highlight small businesses, parks and nature conservation, libraries, museums, and a dash of history.

My “neck of the woods” includes eastern Schuylkill County and Lehigh County. I was born in Schuylkill and grew up going to and from the Lehigh Valley. The Blue Mountain separates these two counties and is part of the Appalachian mountain range and trail. Schuylkill County is famous for its production of anthracite coal, otherwise known as “black diamond coal”. There are still strong remnants of this industry that thrived decades ago.

Despite growing up here, I feel I know very little about my home territory. So, this website and Instagram are a way for me to learn. Since I focus on small towns, especially in Schuylkill, information can be hard to come by. One of my goals is to make Schuylkill history more accessible.

Currently, I live in the Lehigh Valley. I enjoy the area very much but still have much to explore!

I am most active on my original Appanthracite Instagram account, but sometimes share reviews and other Pennsylvania-oriented posts here. In the future, I hope to provide directories, a wildlife compendium, and other information I find worthwhile. All of the content on this website and Instagram is created by me, unless otherwise noted (or otherwise obvious). Enjoy your stay!

More About the Webmaster

Appanthracite Webmaster in her natural habitat (around green things) and wearing a sun hat.

My name is Katy. I’m a twenty-something Scotch-Irish lassie with three cats. My husband is also a Pennsylvania native but is from Emmaus and grew up with sidewalks whereas I did not. My great-grandparents owned Lakewood Park in Barnesville. It’s no longer in the family but is enjoying a second life as a campground and venue.