Long Time Gone: Time, Community, and Endeavors

Long Time Gone: Time, Community, and Endeavors

Sandy area at Neshaminy State Park near the Andulasia community
Mysterious sand at a state park near Delaware River!

Since most of my posts have been reviews on restaurants in the Schuylkill County/Lehigh Valley community, it shouldn’t surprise you that I haven’t had much material to disclose on that subject. I could’ve based my reviews on takeout, but that didn’t seem right and did not motivate me.

As for many, it’s been a year of low motivation for me. I lack the knowledge I desire to deliver truly valuable content, which bothers me. I could’ve spent my time doing any number of things — visiting parks, taking photographs, studying local history — but instead, I found myself struggling to accomplish simple tasks.

This year has been hard. I know it’s been hard for many. I plan to keep up my Appanthracite endeavors, but I am still finding my feet. In many ways, I am not tuned into the local pulse of my community. I think sometimes publicizing information and observations can hold one accountable for accomplishing one’s goals. That may be what I’ve been attempting here, trying to learn more about my community (as a modern society and old one) and perhaps connect with others along the way. I may not be the only one who wishes to learn more, or maybe someone will appreciate their little nooks being noticed. I would like to accomplish both.

If you want to look back at old reviews, do so here. For something new to honor the old, check out my page with links to museums and historical societies in Schuylkill County. Consider finding ways to support them, especially if you are a local. They are small institutions, for the most part, but I think it’s a noble thing to preserve our past.

If you’re curious about what else I’ve been up to, check out the links on this page. I am overall trying to create and focus on more things that I enjoy. Looking into making more videos on YouTube, writing, drawing, doing more photography, Teespring stores, and more. You can also check out my Appanthracite blog on Tumblr.

Hopefully, this year will be better.