Switchback Pizza Company

Switchback Pizza Company

Maybe it’s my age, or maybe it’s just I didn’t always know what I was missing. However, in my blooming adulthood, my development of desired qualities in a restaurant, thus far, include:

  1. Small menus
  2. Not making me feel ill afterward
  3. Tastes good

Not a complicated list, but I feel it’s quite solid. There’s a pizzeria in Emmaus called Switchback Pizza Company, which passes these three stipulations with tear-jerking gusto. On top of these, the atmosphere is pleasant and inviting.

Now, we are talking about pizza, after all. Pizza is a staple of American cuisine and often falls somewhere in the “unhealthy and cheap” category, and can taste, well, unhealthy and cheap. I actually didn’t even like pizza until I was in my teens. Even now, I don’t particularly “go for it”, and for me, that’s what makes Switchback Pizza so impressive. I find myself looking forward to this thin-crusted, joyfully-topped, wood-oven-baked delight, and it really is so lovely to consume a meal, even one notoriously greasy as pizza, and feel light and refreshed afterward.

Switchback Pizza also makes a point to outsource many of its ingredients, produce especially, from local farms and establishments. They keep a chalkboard on the wall that lists all the local places they get their items from, and it’s a detail that adds to the joyousness and tastiness of the experience. As per my list, they currently list eight pizzas on their menu, plus a special. There are two size options. Simple formula, wonderful results.

The atmosphere is cozy and small, the owners are friendly, they make the best salad I have ever tasted (Burst of Sun — it’s incredible), and I never experienced one bad thing there. You come away from the meal feeling renewed. That sort of thing indicates next-level dining. Some places provide good food but feel somehow cold. Switchback Pizza accomplishes excellent pizza and accouterments and doesn’t skimp out on a friendly environment.

I highly recommend this place. For either dining in, or for ordering takeout. It’s pizza but still feels like a healthy meal. I take some comfort in knowing I’m supporting several local businesses at once. Good food, good experience.

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