Liu’s House: Asian Cuisine

Liu’s House: Asian Cuisine

Sitting in Liu’s House on Tilghman this past week with my boyfriend, we thought in earnest about how many times we ate there. We started going together about a year ago, when we ate there as a preamble to a very early date (seeing “Isle of Dogs” at the Emmaus Theatre). Since then, we’ve probably gone there close to ten times. Which, for a place that isn’t a fast food restaurant, I think that’s a pretty good record.

Liu’s feels established and put-together. The menu consists of classic Asian fusion dishes. It isn’t particularly trendy, but, unlike many trendy food places, it doesn’t feel fleeting. In its small way, the atmosphere provides comfort and consistency. The service there has been steadily decent. The staff greets me and my boyfriend with a smile (even when it’s busy). I recognize the people there, and it comforts me. I never ate a bad meal there. Or even a mediocre meal. Maybe Liu’s doesn’t provide stellar and unique food, but it provides consistently very good food. For me, that’s almost just as important.

My boyfriend enjoys sushi, which isn’t as much my preference, so I usually lean towards their meals, or piecing together something from their appetizers. That’s something I like about places like these, you seem to have more control over how much food you get. The last time we went there, we weren’t that hungry but still wanted dinner. I got a wonton soup, green salad (with ginger dressing that my boyfriend loves), and split gyoza with him. I enjoy entrees, and of course Liu’s has that option, but it’s nice to have some leeway has to what kind and how large of a meal you want to craft (when it’s tasty, that helps also).

Liu’s food always sits well with me. Probably due to the lack of grease, both in their preparation of the food and my own personal choices. I can stomach some post-meal, grease-induced discomfort (I’d surely rather not), but feeling refreshed and well-fed, but not over-stuffed, is a lovely feeling.

In summation, Liu’s House is tasty, reliable, consistent, and enjoyable. I don’t think you can ask for much more.

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