Hope & Coffee

Hope & Coffee

I think I always wanted a cafe for a “spot”. Maybe it’s because of ‘Frasier’, or maybe it’s because I like the idea of a place where hot beverages are the main focus. However, in my local circle, it’s difficult to find a cafe or coffeeshop. Fortunately, about a year ago, Hope & Coffee opened in Tamaqua.

It’s important to note that Hope & Coffee is not just a cafe. It aims to provide a safe, public space away from alcohol and, especially, drugs. It may sound a bit funny that a cafe feels the need to drive this point home, but when you realize that there really aren’t many places to publicly socialize besides bars, it doesn’t sound so funny. I mentioned in a previous post that I’m not a bar person. Maybe most adults are, but I’m not so sure. If you only have one option of something, it’s a little unfair to assume that choice is the most popular one.

That isn’t to say that all bars are musty dens of illicit filth; filled with swine and brigands. But, it is a different kind of hanging out and socializing that goes with a bar. The same goes for restaurants, which often provide a more family-friendly environment than a bar, but restaurants involve a series of tasks. You arrive, you order food, you eat, you depart. You chat with your company in the time surrounding these events, but as far as the ability to talk with your friends in a leisurely manner, restaurants aren’t always the best place for this.

So, a cafe suits me just fine.

Hope & Coffee appears to be a refurbished house. The first and main room holds the ordering station, a few tables and chairs, as well as stands to buy coffee grounds or paraphernalia such as t-shirt. In the second room (where my sisters and I sat) there are a couple more tables and chairs. In the final, third room at the back, there are couches to give the room more of a “lounge” air. It’s nicely painted, cozy, and has some very groovy wooden floor.

The coffee was good. Sometimes when I get coffee outside of my own house, I’m feel a little off afterwards. I’m not sure if I generally take my coffee weaker or what, but this coffee gave me no issues. It tasted smooth and refreshing.

You can read more about their mission on their website. It’s a good mission, it’s a good vibe, and they provide good coffee. What else do you need?

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