Licensed 2 Grill

Licensed 2 Grill

Emmaus’ Licensed 2 Grill boasts a tasty selection of, in short, deluxe ballpark food. This potentially sounds more condescending than I mean it, but the spread of their menu seems to fall nicely under that category.

What I mean by ballpark food is that the menu is mostly comprised of burgers, hot dogs, nachos, and french fries. Unlike ballpark food (or the same type of food from numerous other places), Licensed 2 Grill seems to skip a respectable amount of greasiness, so post-meal, I was not feeling heavy in the stomach (something I occasionally deal with when getting burgers from McDonald’s or even places like Applebee’s). They also favor a certain fanciness (thus “deluxe”) in that they have about a dozen or more styles of burger, variations of hot dogs, and delectable waffle fries.

However, it is not just how the place prepares their food. The whole point of their food, despite being traditionally greasy in its kind, not leaving me feeling “heavy” is that the ingredients must adhere to a certain level of freshness or “realness” in order to acquire the feeling that they do. According to their website, they shop local for ingredients, which is commendable for a couple of reasons.

I ordered hot dogs. I got two for five dollars and swapped in some of the waffle fries for extra. They were good, but I am mostly glad I decided to get their waffle fries which, as I said earlier, were delectable. I was actually rather thrown off, I wasn’t expecting them to be that good.

My boyfriend got one of the burgers which was formidable, but still in good taste. The main drawback, as is the case with so many gourmet burgers, is that the thing started to fall apart. His burger came with the waffle fries (can you tell these were important to me?) which I felt compensated for much.

The atmosphere of the place was pleasant, and it was kept clean. When we first got there, it was empty, so service was quick. But, I don’t think it would’ve taken very long, anyway. Hershey’s ice cream is available in a dipping cabinet (my boyfriend loves ice cream, but was too full from the meal to partake).

For me, it is ballpark Americana cuisine, quick food at a better quality than fast food, with its own flare and freshness that I feel, for me, will warrant multiple visits.

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